Professional Insulation Installation

Elite Insulation only installs GreenStuf Insulation, a high-performance environmentally friendly polyester insulation manufactured in NZ. It can be installed in your ceiling, underfloor and wall cavities. It is not affected by moisture, mould or mildew, has no nasty chemicals and is approved by the asthma foundation. It’s naturally resistant to nesting rats and mice and comes with a 50 year guarantee!

Furthermore as GreenStuf insulation is 100% polyester, it doesn’t require the use of protective clothing when handling or installing. This makes it safer for our installers and our customers – it’s like installing a duvet!

Having installed over 1,000,000 m2 of GreenStuf insulation in over 5000 homes in recent years we know what we are doing - rest assured your in safe hands! Furthermore we guarantee to have your GreenStuf insulation installed within 2 weeks of accepting our quote!

We chose GreenStuf insulation because we believe it is the best-performing product for the NZ market. It’s good for the environment and will last the distance. We are confident when we install a house with GreenStuf insulation that we could go back in 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years and the insulation will still be doing the work it was designed to do - in the same condition as the day it was installed.

The first step of our free no-obligation Insulation Assessment & Quotation Service is to come to your property and carry out a full assessment of the area to be insulated. We determine the accessibility of the area, identify any safety issues, discuss and advise you on GreenStuf product selection and provide you with a no-obligation quote for the supply and installation of the insulation.

We guarantee to have your insulation installed within 2 weeks of accepting our quote.

Our teams of specialised insulation installers are trained to IOANZ and EECA standards. Our EECA approved auditors carry out a full and thorough inspection of the installed insulation to ensure safety clearances and insulation building standard requirements are maintained and that the quoted area has been installed.  

100% of our completed installs are audited and checked for your peace of mind before we invoice our customers.

With over 5000 happy customers to date you can rest assured you’re in safe hands!

Fill in your details including your phone number below to request a free assessment and quote or call us free on 0508 222 4477