We install and/or remove insulation in ALL areas of Auckland for rental properties to ensure they comply with the requirements of the Residential Tenancy Act 1986, for residential properties and also for commercial properties. We also install ground moisture barriers which are now required for rental properties to comply with the new Residential Tenancy Act 1986 regulations.

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Professional Insulation Installation

Elite insulation is proud to have been involved in the EECA Warm up New Zealand retrofit home insulation programme for about 5 years, insulating over 5000 homes over this period. During this time we have developed teams of professional insulation installers who install GreenStuf insulation to the highest standards. Since the inception of Elite Insulation we have worked closely with Autex, the manufacturers of GreenStuf insulation, to ensure that our teams install this premium product to the manufacturer’s high quality requirements.

Having installed over 1,000,000 m2 of GreenStuf insulation in over 5000 homes in recent years we know what we are doing - rest assured your in safe hands! We can usually give you an installation date on acceptance of our quote and have your GreenStuf insulation installed within 2 to 3 weeks.

The first step of our Insulation Installation Service is to come to your property and carry out a full assessment of the area to be insulated. We determine the accessibility of the area, identify any safety issues, discuss and advise on GreenStuf insulation product selection and provide a cost for the supply and installation of the insulation.

Many of our installs are checked before we invoice our customers. Our auditors who carry out a full and thorough inspection of the installed insulation ensure safety clearances and insulation standards are maintained and that the quoted area has been installed. 

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Old Insulation or Insulfluf Removal

Before installing new ceiling insulation in your home you should consider removing any old existing loosefill insulation such as insulfluf or any fibreglass batts that might have become contaminated with rat faeces and urine or just simply have broken down over time.

We specialise in the removal and safe disposal of loose fill ceiling insulation such as insulfluf, fibreglass segments, cellulose, polystyrene bead, vermin infested insulation, etc. from rental, residential and commercial properties in ALL Auckland areas. 

If you're not sure what sort of material you have then we would be happy to come and inspect your roof space and provide you with a free no obligation quote for it's clean and quick removal and disposal. 

At Elite Insulation, we supply and install GreenStuf Insulation for domestic, rental and commercial properties. This innovative NZ-made product is an environmentally conscious temperature-moderating and sound-reducing insulation manufactured by Autex Industries in Auckland. All our products are installed throughout all of Auckland by our own professional installation teams or delivered direct to customers throughout New Zealand to install themselves.

Why is insulation is so important?

Few things are as comforting as come home to a dwelling that is warm and dry. For a warm home embraces us and makes us feel welcome, safe and secure. Good insulation in your walls, floor and ceiling moderates the temperature inside your home. It keeps your home warmer in winter… and cooler in summer. Insulation is by far the most cost-effective, energy-efficient way to control the temperature in your home or workplace.

Insulation means a healthier home.

Not only that, a warm, dry home is a healthy home, because insulation helps to reduce condensation… which lessens your chances of dampness and mould. And this has a direct impact on the comfort, health and well-being of you and your family.

Today means going Green.

Moreover, quality insulation adds value to your property and helps protect your investment – whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or you own a commercial property. And today, the modern way to insulate is Green.

NZ-made GreenStuf Insulation.

We choose to install GreenStuf Insulation because we believe it’s the best insulation you can get. Made from 100% pure polyester (no itchy fibre-glass), GreenStuf is the safe and user-friendly solution for efficient, highly effective, long-lasting insulation.

Qualified Installers.

Our professional installation teams can install GreenStuf Insulation for you throughout ALL of Auckland, or we can deliver it to you direct, nationwide. Our team are Site Safe accredited, fully trained in Health & Safety and are IAONZ-qualified (Insulation Association of NZ), so you know you’ll get a quality job.

You get a guaranteed installation date.

The great thing is we give you a guaranteed installation date once you accept our quote. The good news is, you can usually have your GreenStuf Insulation installed within 2 to 3 weeks. For a quality installation that gives you total peace-of-mind, don’t wait – contact us today on 05082224477


Why use GreenStuf Insulation?

  • Elite Insulation only supplies and installs GreenStuf insulation, a high-performance polyester insulation known as the friendly fibre. It can be installed in ceilings, under floors and in wall cavities. It is not affected by moisture, mould or mildew, and is naturally resistant to rats and mice (unlike fibreglass insulation products).
  • We chose GreenStuf insulation because we believe it is the best-performing product for the NZ market. It's good for the environment and will last the distance backed by a 50 year warranty from it's New Zealand manufacturers. We are confident when we install a house with GreenStuf insulation that we could go back in 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years and the insulation will still be doing the work it was designed to do - in the same condition as the day it was installed. 
  • Highly resistant to fire and moisture damage, the GreenStuf insulation range is designed to keep your home warm, dry, quiet, healthy and energy-efficient for a lifetime and comes with a 50 year guarantee.
  • As GreenStuf is 100% polyester, it doesn't require the use of protective clothing when handling or installing and is the best product to install if you have a home ventilation system. This makes it safer for our installers and our customers - it is like installing a duvet!
  • Environmentally friendly GreenStuf polyester insulation is made from over 45% recycled material (from recycled PET Plastics such as plastic bottles).
  • GreenStuf also contains no chemicals whatsoever (unlike fibreglass insulation) such as formaldehyde-based binders that can be breathed into your lungs. This is why GreenStuf has been independently tested by Asthma New Zealand and accepted into their Breathe Easy programme.
  • GreenStuf is manufactured in Auckland by Autex at their zero-waste production plant in Rosebank. 

Buy GreenStuf Insulation Direct Online 

We are proud to offer you exclusively the full range of GreenStuf 100% polyester thermal and acoustic insulation products, available to purchase direct online and install yourself. Designed for home insulation and commercial buildings, the 'friendly fibre' GreenStuf insulation products are available as batts, pads, slabs, blanket, rolls and custom made to customer specifications if required. 

The full range of Autex GreenStuf insulation products including ceiling insulation, under floor insulation, wall insulation, sound insulation, and acoustic insulation are available to buy direct online here at Elite Insulation, shipped nationwide throughout New Zealand. Trade or large project enquiries welcome. 

Click here to buy GreenStuf Insulation direct online.

Buy Autex Interior Acoustic Insulation Direct Online 

We are proud to offer you the full range of Autex interior acoustic insulation products, available to buy direct online. The full range omprises Vertiface, Composition, Composition Peel n Stick Tiles, Symphony, Workstation, Vivace, Cube, Quietspace 3D Tiles, Quietspace Panel, Quietspace Ceiling Tiles, Quietspace Lattice, AAB Acoustic Blanket, Sound Solution, Baffleblock Sound Control and ASB Sound Blanket.

Autex’s ranges of interior acoustic insulation have enhanced the sound clarity in schools, theatres and commercial buildings in over 25 countries. Autex’s premium range of interior acoustic insulation and wallcoverings made from 100% recyclable polyester are designed to reduce echo and reverberated sound. With unlimited potential for architectural design, Autex’s range of interior acoustic insulation and wallcoverings can be printed on, custom cut to shape and specified to fit any application where sound control and design aesthetic is crucial..

The full range of Autex Interior acoustic insulation products are available to buy direct online here at Elite Insulation, shipped nationwide throughout New Zealand. Trade or large project enquiries welcome. 

Click here to buy Autex Interior acoustic insulation direct online.

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