GreenStuf Residential Range

Autex’s GreenStuf thermal and acoustic home insulation products are made from durable, safe and friendly polyester. Highly resistant to fire and moisture damage, the GreenStuf insulation range is designed to keep your home warm, dry, quiet, healthy and energy-efficient for a lifetime. Whether you’re building, renovating or insulating an existing home, we have a solution right for you.

We call polyester the ‘friendly fibre’ because as well as being eco-friendly, it’s non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic and safe for anyone coming into contact with it. With no nasty chemicals to worry about and no microscopic fibres to itch, irritate or be inhaled, GreenStuf can be handled and installed without any special precautions so its ideal for DIY’ers.

When it comes to your home and family it just makes sense to insulate with a trusted, safe and friendly insulation product such as our NZ made GreenStuf - its warmth you can really feel.

High Performance

GreenStuf insulation is made to last a lifetime. It is not affected by moisture, mould or mildew and is resistant to insect and vermin attack. GreenStuf insulation is backed by Autex with a 50 Year Durability Warranty, all products exceeding the NZ Building Code requirements including all relevant fire standards.

Eco Friendly

GreenStuf contains a minimum 45% recycled polyester fibre made from used and recycled PET plastics. GreenStuf is made from only 100% polyester fibre and does not contain chemical binders such as formaldehyde commonly used in fibre-glass insulation products. This also allows GreenStuf to be recycled indefinitely. Autex in NZ will gladly recycle used, uncontaminated GreenStuf insulation to help keep it out of land-fill. For more information on recycling GreenStuf in NZ contact Autex on freephone 0800 428 839.

Green Star NZ and Homestar Points

GreenStuf thermal insulation complies with all the requirements relating to thermal insulation in Green Star NZ and Homestar. You can safely choose GreenStuf to claim points in these green building rating systems. All details have been reviewed and notified on EnviroSpec, the independent specification portal for architects and homeowners.

Non-Irritant, and Non-Allergenic

Polyester is widely used in bedding, clothing and commercial fabrics for its safety, durability and performance. These same exceptional characteristics are found in GreenStuf insulation. No nasty chemicals added and fibres that cannot be breathed into your lungs, you can rest assured there won’t be any itching or scratching and there is no need for protective clothing, special equipment or precautions for handling and installing GreenStuf.

Biggest Range and Best Support

GreenStuf offers the biggest range of insulation products available in the NZ market under one brand. Autex has specialist products for walls, ceilings, floors, masonry walls, skillion roofs as well as acoustic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. This is all backed with the best service and technical support in the industry. GreenStuf insulation is manufactured in New Zealand by Autex Insulation, a division of Autex Industries Limited. Autex has been around for more than 40 years, and proudly remain a privately owned NZ manufacturer. Autex is committed to Quality and Environmental best practice through their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

GreenStuf Pads for walls and ceilings

GreenStuf Pads are designed for the thermal insulation of timber-framed buildings and can be used in ceilings, internal and external walls and mid-floor cavities. They come as insulation segments pre-cut to fit standard timber-framing. Thermally bonded into shape, they are designed to be self-supporting in walls and ceilings and require no stapling into place. All eligible R-values of GreenStuf Pads are Environmental Choice New Zealand-certified.

GreenStuf Skillion Roof Blanket

GreenStuf Skillion roof blanket has been specifically designed to provide high thermal performance is restricted spaces such as skillion roofs. GreenStuf Skillion Roof Blanket comes in a range of performance options and pre-cut to fit standard timber framing widths.

GreenStuf Masonry Wall Blanket

GreenStuf Masonry Wall Blanket is designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of strapped and lined concrete and masonry walls. GreenStuf will not wick moisture through concrete or masonry wall reducing the potential for mould and moisture damage. GreenStuf Masonry Wall Blanket comes in a range of performance options and pre-cut to fit standard timber strapping widths.

GreenStuf Roll Form Insulation Blanket

GreenStuf Roll Form is an insulation blanket suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of residential buildings. It can be used as a roof blanket, in ceilings, internal and external walls and in mid-floor cavities. GreenStuf Roll Form is also idea for insulating the ceiling of existing homes. Installed as a blanket it can be simply rolled out over the top of the ceiling joists to create a warmer, drier home in winter and a cooler home in summer. Insulating an older home is the single most effective thing you can do to create a warmer, direr, healthier and more energy-efficient home. Click here to check out the Install Video. GreenStuf Roll Form is supplied as rolls manufactured to order and pre-cut to nominated widths. All eligible R-values of GreenStuf Roll Form, including our double-layer system, are Environmental Choice New Zealand-certified.

GreenStuf Underfloor Rolls

GreenStuf Underfloor is designed to provide thermal insulation under exposed joist floors of new and existing timber-framed buildings. GreenStuf Underfloor reduces heat loss through floors and assists in reducing drafts caused through joins in the floor boards. It comes in a range of thermal performance options and as rolls pre-cut to fit standard exposed timber joist floors. GreenStuf Underfloor is ideal for insulating existing homes. It’s easily installed by stapling into place between the joists, and because its made from polyester it wont itch or scratch so its perfect for weekend DIY project that will make a big difference to your home and health of your family. Click here to check out the Install Video

GreenStuf Eco Wrap Hot Water Cylinder Wrap

GreenStuf Eco Wrap is a durable, thermally efficient insulation wrap designed to insulate older electric hot water cylinders. A GreenStuf Eco Wrap reduces heat loss through the hot water cylinder, keeping water hotter for longer and allowing significant savings in water heating costs. EcoWrap consists of a polyester blanket laminated to a foil jacket and comes as a simple self-install DIY kit.

GreenStuf Sound Solution Acoustic Insulation

GreenStuf Sound Solution is designed for the acoustic insulation of timber-framed buildings. It reduces airborne sound, impact noise and noise transmission by controlling resonating noise inside the construction cavity. Acoustic insulation can only be installed when you’re building or renovating, so be sure to think about your quiet and noisy areas when you are designing your new home or renovation. Sound Solution in your walls and mid-floors will make a big difference in delivering you the home of your dreams. Sound Solution is ideal for internal walls and mid-floor cavities and comes as insulation segments and rolls pre-cut to fit standard timber framing.

Elite Insulation

We are proud to offer you exclusively the full range of GreenStuf 100% polyester thermal and acoustic insulation products, available to purchase direct online and install yourself. Designed for home insulation and commercial buildings, the 'friendly fibre' GreenStuf insulation products are available as batts, pads, slabs, blanket, rolls and custom made to customer specifications if required.